Monochrome RPG level building – Christian Sanchez – Devlog#3

Continuing some environments!

My tasks for this week consisted of building the final changes and detailing for the Docks level in Monochrome RPG as well as expanding and rearranging the Greyshade Valley environment. Like in previous weeks, I have also been doing some clean up work. I’ve been making sure everything is in the proper layers and that there aren’t any inconveniences with how something was originally built.


Fixed up the trees section of the Docks environment. Followed the placement of foliage in the Greyshade Valley environment as reference for how to place them by the Docks.

Clutter and detail were added to the wooden docks. 

Greyshade Valley

Lengthened and widened the path the upward path that leads towards the player’s objective. Also gave it more of a hook shape rather than the slight curve it initially was. To fit the expanded path I also expanded the edges of the ground tiles.

Foliage was added to subtly close off a path. The path remains open, however the changes were not made to discourage the player from passing through, they were made to deter it from being the first path you instinctively take.



I replaced the 2D wooden shack asset with an updated version of it and made the shades brighter to better match the environment and to contrast less.

What’s Next?

I will be working on implementing Monochrome RPG characters and their animations.

Media: Physics Riddles

While I’m not very fond of how physics is approached and taught in the education system, I really enjoy mind boggling questions like the one in the following video or visual demonstrations of something that’s hard to comprehend rather than just trying to explain it all with math. 

When different forms of digital media collide!

I’m not the biggest basketball fan, nor am I particularly excited for the plot of Space Jam 2, however, I’m excited to see all the creative ways they were able to clash the 2D cartoon world, 3D world and real world! The mere concept of cartoons in live action films brings me joy, regardless of the strength of the plot, so I can’t wait for this movie to come out.

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