Monochrome RPG Animations – Christian Sanchez – Devlog#4

Progress and difficulties

For the past few days we have been troubleshooting some issues that were encountered. Upon wanting to make some file organization changes, Unity decided to create duplicate and strange file merges. However, we were eventually able to sort things out and continue with the implementation of some of the idle animations for some of the Monochrome RPG characters.


During the implementation process, it came to my attention that not all of the assigned animations I had to implement had their updated sprite sheets in the GoogleDrive. The Overworld Idle (facing down) animations that I was able to fully implement were Chirper, Scrawny Scarecrow, Buff Bee, Alice, Punk Pine, Queen Bee, Squeaky Squirrel. There is potentially rescaling adjustments that needs to be done to some.

Next tasks

I’ll be potentially implementing more idle animations or making further adjustments to existing ones.

Otto’s house underwent a redesign and I’ll be working on getting some of the main structural, background and asset changes in place.

Thrilled for this film!

A teaser finally dropped for the movie Vivo which takes place in the Caribbean, specifically seems like Cuba if you look at the flag design on the the monkey’s maraca. As someone who was born and raised in Puerto Rico, I’m stoked to see an animated film that takes place in the Caribbean and explores the culture of the region!

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