Blender training and setting goals – Christian Sanchez – Devlog#5

Learning Blender

I have been working on following a Blender tutorial for how to make a sprinkle donut and a cup of coffee and set up a nice render for it. So far I have worked one parts one and two of the tutorial. And encountered a small issue along the way when applying subdivisions to the donut and icing meshes, which meant I had to go back a few steps, but I was able to get it working. 

Tutorial Part 1

Tutorial Part 2

I’m particularly fond of using Maya, so learning blender has been quite disorienting. However It’s nice to be able to identify what things I prefer working on in Maya and what things I prefer working on in Bender. 

Setting goals

Interns were given the task to think about their future goals and set up their goals for the next few years. It was a neat, introspective exercise that really got me thinking. I did some research about the game and animation industries to get a better idea of where I want to work and what I want to work on. Obviously none of my current set goals are set in stone, As I go through classes and learn more, I might change my mind, but it’s nice to think about what the future might be.

Balancing 2D and 3D work for the following days

I will proceed with the Blender Donut tutorial and familiarizing myself with the software. I aim to finish all of the parts of the tutorial by the end of this week so that I can start with other 3D oriented tasks.

Otto’s house was redesigned (retaining its layout). I’ll be working on redrawing the background tiles (walls and floor) and implementing some assets to populate the scene.

Must watch movie

No doubt about it, I’m actually struggling to think of an animated movie that I would rank higher than this one. The stunning visuals, the flawless implementation of 2D into a 3D environment, the tackled themes, the quirky and humorous execution… it all just comes together amazingly. I don’t even know what else to say other than I highly recommend watching this movie. 

Creature designs for a personal project

In my spare time, I’ve been working with a team to prepare a prototype for a game. I am in charge of designing the creatures so I prepared concept art sheets for them. Next stem is to create their 3D models. Which design is you favorite?

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