Oops! All Items! – Joshua Pelkington | Programming Intern Dev-Log #5

Items… Items Everywhere…

It has been an item filled week, that is very certain. Not that it’s a bad thing, it was actually quite fun to work on. ORK has been my friend since I started these dev-logs and with item implementations everything went smoothly. The process wasn’t even that repetitive for the 15+ items because they are all so unique, and the effects were so flavorful!

What Do It Do?

This week the Items got their effects! That begs the question, what are these effects and how were they decided? Well as my job was implementation, I didn’t have much say in the design, but luckily some fabulous people had the effects already listed, hey just needed them translated to the ORK Framework. This translation is where I come in!

The effects of an item can be done in a few ways through ORK depending on the type of effect. An item that lowers or raises a stat like Garde or Affinity can simply have a value change be input into the item itself. 

Examples of items that use value change are Blockolate and Yumfruit, as they simply heal Garde for the user.

The second main way is to make the item add a new Status Effect. 

This is great for temporary bonuses, as the status can be removed after a set number of turns. If the status changes any values, the values will return to normal after the status is removed. Examples of items that use status are Sugar Coat and Knuckle-Sandwich, as they give temporary bonuses to the user.

Item implementation took up most of my time this week, but now the world of Monochrome has 20+ new items for Otto to find and use in battle!

What Makes an Item and Item?

That was my second task this week. I was in charge of writing up some documentation for how an Item can be created in ORK to be used in the game. Luckily I’ve spent the past 4 days working on items, so it has been very easy to find things to write about with a step-by-step instructions for a full item implementation. If you’ve read the previous dev-log and this one, you pretty much already have a good understanding of how it might work, so its just that but more in-depth.

Tasks for Next Week

I’ve got a busy week ahead of me, a lot of features need to get added and a lot of tweaks to systems that already exist. Some examples of stuff I will be working on are Boss Bout changes, Inventory Access, Bout Item Rewards, and even a Faction Reputation System! Stay tuned for updates on those.

My Weekly Findings

So recently Artstation, an online portfolio website, started working with Epic Games. This could mean great things for the site, but more importantly they are making all of their learning content free for 2021! There’s lots to learn from these videos and on many topics too! Feel free to take advantage of it at this link:

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