Finalized Textures & Baking – Darren Kern – Devlog #5

Materials & Textures Part 2:

This past week was a continuation of working on the signs and banners from the previous week. The process started with first getting the the base materials applied to the assets. From there, I applied a little bit of noise and color variation to give the materials a little more of a realistic look, and have them appear to be aged.  After some feedback, I made a few more adjustments with the color scheme and cleaned up the geometry a bit to better fit the environment and time period of the assets as well.  


Overall I learned quite a bit in terms of quickly adding effects to the text, layering, and creating a network combination of noise nodes in Blender that really made the difference between the original version to the final output. 

From there the next step would be to bake out the materials so that the assets can be optimized for use in other engines & platforms. Luckily enough, Blender has that ability to handle such a task. It was a little tricky at first: combining assets, making sure the UV maps are combined, etc., but it’s an important step that is necessary when working across different software programs. 

what’s next:

This week I will be focusing on research/reference gathering as well as creating assets for a variety of different projects. This will also include some basic environment layouts and low-poly block outs of the assets needed. 

Throughout the process it was a constant back and forth jumping in and out of Adobe Photoshop & Blender to get the final look that I liked. Here are examples of some the signs I was working on.


Media of the Week:

I’ve recently started playing the zombie apocalyptic game that’s been out for a few years now: Days Gone. The game itself is entertaining even if the plot & story line isn’t anything new. I’ve always enjoyed open-world/survival type games and it led me to see what this year has in store. Check em’ out in the video below!

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