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about this week

This week was a pretty chilling week. Didn’t have that much work compare to the last couple of weeks, but learned a lot of new stuff. First I finished up the SETVR investment strategy plan with Lilly. By fixing up the sales number, the evaluation for the project, I definitely had a better understanding for the whole marketing process in general, and more familiar with a lot of the professional business terms.

Then I started doing Twitter and Reddit engagement. It’s very fun for me to be able to discover cool developers and streamers and build up that connections over there.

A picture of the list that we’re working on – trying to link up with more sick developers / studios – new terms I learned this week

what’s gonna happen next week

For next week, we’ll probably have more specific tasks of the Twitter and Reddit engagement, including the different time periods, number of comments and people added to the list, and so on. Then I’ll be testing the new RPG build and giving some feedback, working on the media table in RPG, while helping Lilly with whatever she needs help with.

interesting stuff I love

music: if you don’t love the Black Panther soundtrack, you have no soul xD

this slowed + reverb version is very very lit

movie: I watched the Demon Slayer movie this weekend, it was very sick xD Definitely recommend to check it out.

here’s the trailer!

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