Keep It Simple, Stupid – Brandon Pero – Devlog Chapter 5

Same Old Problems

This will naturally be a short entry, as most of the past week has been spent working out the kinks of respawning enemies in the basement. It was a challenge trying to get the GenericCreeper that spawns on the “red” carpet in the basement to actually spawn properly. The issues mostly came when getting out of a bout with another enemy. The various states of the components weren’t being saved properly, and instead of creating more save data and scripts, it was important to explore alternative solutions.

Flip It and Reverse It

It was necessary to have a respawn manager that keeps track of everything that needs to respawn in the basement. My initial thoughts two weeks ago was to make it so that the GenericCreeper is added to the respawn list once the bouncer is defeated. However, it turns out that the easier way was to add the GenericCreeper to the list beforehand and disable the respawn manager. The respawn manager would then be enabled after defeating the bouncer in the basement. This allows the GenericCreeper to only spawn if the bouncer has already been defeated. It works like a charm, even though it took a while.

Other Small Edits

Other small things were done, like adding certain functionality to important quest objects and changing some animations and sprites here and there. However, the bulk of the work was spent trying to respawn enemies properly.

Next Week

A recent merge of everybody’s work means there will be plenty of new bugs to fix. I’m not entirely sure what all I’ll be working on, but a lot of it will likely be small bug fixes, such as making sure certain components are connected properly, cleaning up game objects, and testing everything. I also have an assignment that I’ll be gradually working on; I’m to write small notes for a lot of the game objects we’re working on. This will make it so that anyone looking at the game object can have a clear understanding of what all is going on and what components of a game object are most important.

Media Rec

May 4th just passed. May the 4th be with you! Watch your favorite Star Wars movie or show. Are you a super, ultra nerd? Read your favorite Star Wars comic or book. Haven’t seen Star Wars? Rent Star Wars: A New Hope and give it a watch. It’s old, and definitely doesn’t hold up in many VFX and editing respects, but it’s still a great movie that kicks off a brilliant sci-fi world.

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