Done done Donut and Monochrome Backgrounds – Christian Sanchez – Devlog#6

Status update

I worked on finishing up the Blender donut tutorial and rendering it all out, which took longer than expected considering I was rendering on my laptop. It was really interesting getting to know a new software. However, I do have to change up the preferences and key-binds to more closely resemble Maya, because those are the software controls I am most comfortable with. 

I also, for Monochrome RPG, started working on the backgrounds for Otto’s house (first floor and second floor) in Photoshop, using some reference images I was given as a base.

The donut render!

Here’s a looping gif of my donut render.  Definitely proud of it, but I can also pinpoint specific things that I’m not as satisfied with and would like to fix. 

Background progress

In Photoshop I redrew and filled in the walls for the main floor and second floor of Otto’s house. 

Second Floor

Main Floor

On my to-do list

Continue putting together the background of the redesigned first and second floor of Otto’s house in Photoshop, then exporting the background sliced into multiple images, organizing them in Unity and putting all the necessary assets together based on a reference image I was given.

Some assets have yet to be turned into prefabs and I will get that done.

Amazing research development!

It allows you to create a quick and simple 3D model from a 2D outline, by inflating it. These models also can be animated. Some of the examples shown are quite mind-blowing. Really hoping its something that will eventually become easily accessible.

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