Baking, Goals, & Cleaning up – Darren Kern – Devlog #6


This past week I focused on finished up the baking process of the signs and banners. All that was left to do was to bake the textures and prep the project for export. The image on the right is an example of what I mean when it comes to baking textures. Taking the materials on the assets and “baking” (think laying cookies on a cookie sheet) them onto one UV map. These maps represent things such as color, roughness, bumps, etc.

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I’ve also had some time to think about goals this past week. Not just career goals, but life goals and dream goals over the course of six months to five years. The dreaded 5-year plan. This gave me an opportunity to reflect on where I currently stand, and allowed to see areas in which I would like to improve and work towards. Sometimes it’s good to have a plan to get where you need to be. 


Coming up next for the week, I will be diving head first into a project. The tasks will include going through the geometry and fixing anything that might be slightly off such as vertices, edges, or faces of geometry. I will also be looking at UV’ing the geometry and remapping the pre-existing textures of the assets. 

MEDIA OF THE WEEK: Physics & Zombies!

I came across this book at Barnes & Nobles and it peeked my interest as I’ve always been somewhat in awe yet never really understood some of the laws of physics and earth and how everything exists in this world. 

It’s a short excellent read for anyone trying to learn a little about our universe. It’s also not too complex to understand for those of us that aren’t scientist or astrophysicist!

Also, I do enjoy a good zombie flick! Now I know these have been done over and over again, but this one at the very least looks like it could be entertaining with a unique spin on how the zombies are operating. Check out the trailer below!

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