Bug-pocalypse – Joshua Pelkington | Gameplay Programmer Dev-Log #7

A New Wave Has Begun

This week we got a large number of bugs added to the list, so I spent a bunch of time chipping away at some of those. There are many in a couple different areas, but I mostly worked in the areas I have been working on in the past. I will share a few of the more interesting problems I was able to solve this week.

The Weeks Ahead

More Bugs Yay!! Also hopefully finishing up this boss battle stuff and starting some new tasks. Gonna be a full next few weeks for sure.

Thanks For Reading! Here’s A Prize:

I recently came across this really fun game on Kickstarter the other day, and I was playing their demo this week. Its a JRPG with Tetris-style gameplay as your way of damaging enemies! As mentioned they have a Kickstarter running and have already met their goal! Feel free to check it out if you think it sounds as fun as I did. Plus its always nice to support fellow game-devs when the chance presents itself.

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