Monochrome Home Building – Christian Sanchez – Devlog#7

What I’ve worked on

My tasks for this week consisted of implementing the prefabs and organizing the assets for the Main and Second floor of Otto’s House for Monochrome RPG as well as adjusting all of the layers and properties of these assets. 

Current state

Main Floor

Second Floor

These two screenshots are the current state of the house, however, changes might still be made along the way.

When working on the Photoshop file for the background of the house, I encountered an issue where Photoshop would barely respond and it would work very slowly. It appears to be something regarding the specific file because it did not happen with any other Photoshop file related to the project.

Future tasks

My tasks for the next few days will consist of going to Photoshop to create and then add wall ledges for higher layers to make it seem as if Otto is walking behind the established walls. 

Another movie for the watch list!

A teaser recently dropped for the movie Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania. I’m extremely excited to watch this movie. I just adore how they approach 3D animation with exaggerated expressions and smear frames. The whole set of movies have all been super wacky and I cant wait to see what gags they came up with for this one. 

Can’t wait to play it!

It Takes Two looks like such a fun game to play with a close friend. The art style and design, along with the entire concept feel so captivating. I came across the game when watching Twitch streams. Some of my favorite streamers were playing it and it IMMEDIATELY sparked my interest! I’ll say it again… I can’t wait to play it!

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