this week

This week was a pretty chill week for me. We didn’t have that many meetings this week, and everyone was just focused on their own task. For me, I was mainly doing some airtable work, including the SETVR bug airtable (listing all the bugs), SETVR features airtable (finished all the to-be listed features), SETVR ads airtable (filled up the statics, specially daily clicks).

Besides that, I was just doing some normal daily marketing job for the RPG game, for SETVR, and PDB. Moreover, just finished up the RPG gameplay airtable, and got done most of the parts besides the part I couldn’t really get to in the build.

next week

For next week, I’ll be doing daily marketing as usual, then helped out Lilly with the Monochrome World Airtable. (that was all I knew so far)

fun stuff?

here’s a song I’ve been listening to nonstop xD

and I also started playing the game It Takes Two. SUPER FUN! def recommend! (here’s the gameplay walkthrough, SPIOLER ALERT)

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