Monochrome Walls and Virtual Spaces – Christian Sanchez – Devlog#8

A change of pace

My tasks for the past few days consisted of going to Photoshop and creating, then adding wall ledges for higher layers to make it seem as if Otto is walking behind the established walls. 

The rest of my tasks took place in Blender creating a steel globe sculpture with the land masses outlined with neon lights and creating an abstract sculpture that I got to design myself. The sculpture I designed was, I would say, the most entertaining task I’ve gotten so far, because I was able to apply my creative skills as opposed to working with other people’s creative work.

I’m hoping to get more tasks where I have the opportunity to create assets based off reference or design my own assets for these projects. 

The wall edges

The wall edges were created by duplicating some of the background tiles and, in Photoshop, masking out everything except the top edges of the walls that Otto is supposed to be able to walk behind.

If you look closely, the outlet prefab is placed on a layer higher than the background tiles. To make it seem like the outlet is behind the wall, I took the new wall edge and placed it on a layer higher than the outlet and aligned it perfectly with the background tile, making it seamless.

Blender Sculptures

One thing I like about the sculptures is that each has a different colored neon light and that its almost as if they are representing geography and math (mobius disc) respectively. Or maybe even history and future. 

Next on the to-do list

Working on mood boards for a spa and retail space for a client.

Interior mapping in videogames!

Part of me knew there had to be a way, part of me knew it has to have been done before. But seeing the examples and how its made is so fascinating and eye-opening. Definitely makes me want to experiment with this kind of in-game illusion in the future. Maybe apply the practice to a portal or glass container.

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