Main Hall Clean-up & Textures – Darren Kern – Devlog #7


This week I was given new tasks from an existing project, making for a busy but very productive week. The goals for the week included going through the geometry and doing a little clean-up. This meant removing unnecessary object faces, edges, vertices, and overall making the scene cleaner, more optimized for use. Check out the images below: 

The left is what I started with. The bottom image is the clean-up. As you can see there are a lot less faces, edges, and unnecessary geometry.


After I cleaned up a lot of the geometry it was time to re-map the textures to the objects. Having all the materials and meshes in one local drive allows for others to take the scene and make additional changes as needed while maintaining all the textures on the objects. 


After I re-mapped the textures it was time to get the first lighting pass going to see how the overall scene will look when rendered. The first step is to get a basic foundation of lights on the scene without materials on the meshes. It just makes it easier to identify where additional lighting may be needed as well as helps to visual the balance of lighting across the scene. Here’s what it looks like so far after I made some adjustments to the lights.


After some feedback, the next steps look to involve making some changes to the overall layout of the scene. This will include adding more windows in certain areas, and developing the layout of the top floor of the main hall. After that the next step would be to prep the scene for baking out the materials.


This game is currently free if you are a Playstation Plus Member and I took the opportunity to give it a go. It’s very addicting. It’s similar to Minecraft, but better. Everything you do in this game is for a purpose to survive and it has been incredibly fun to build and explore so many different areas in this game. 

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