Lots of Changes = Lots of Fun

This week was full of additions, changes, and implementation in the next main area of the Monochrome RPG. The aptly named Greyshade Valley was given a little makeover in terms of roaming combatants, and these combatants got some tweaks based on testing. I was also able to be the creator of a little dev tool that will be used for easier testing of the game’s various areas. All this an more explained below!

Re-Populating the Valley

Greyshade Valley used to hold the same combatants that Otto’s House currently holds. This was mainly because the Greyshade combatants were not implemented yet. Well because I was able to finish adding them to ORK, we got to work on introducing them to their new home this week! There is not too much that goes into correctly replacing these folks in the scene, which helped because there were many to setup.

One key component to this process of adding overworld combatants, is their navigation! How else would they know where they should be all the time! It truly is as simple as it looks, each combatant is given a nice poligonal area to reside in, and they just walk around this area when the game is being played. Think of it as an invisible fence keeping the combatant in the designated area for the player to find.

All of the fun new combatant designs I showed last week were added to the world, and it was overall a fun process being able to see them move around and feel truly at home in their game environment. 

Beam Me Up Scotty

My favorite development of this week has to be the Scene Changer dev tool! Tools are very useful in the development of a game. They can speed up certain activities that would take lots of time if done normally.

The Scene Changer is effectively a portable teleporter for Otto. In the menu there is an option to change scenes with the click. And Zap! Otto is brought to the desired area. Ideally this is used for testing, and is built in a way that a new location can be added to this very easily. I definitely look forward to using this.

Otto Becomes A Kleptomaniac

What an exciting addition to the world of Monochrome! I am tasked with placing many of the items I setup in ORK the other week into the different areas of the game. This being for both testing purposes and for people to get their hands on the items and try them out and give feedback.

This ability to pick up overworld items came with more challenges than I expected. My plan was to set this system up in a way that the act of picking up and item, along with the dialogue that comes with it, are generic. Having this open ended version would let me just add the item on the ground, and depending on which item it is, the dialogue would update automatically to fit the name of the item when picked up.

Getting the pickup event + dialogue to work with every item took some discovery, as ORK didn’t have a direct way to set this up. I managed to solve this with a custom script that needs to be placed on every item on the ground. 

This script simply finds the item container it is attached to and gets the item name. This is sent to the dialogue manager and used in a generic “Item Pickup” dialogue like seen above. Works like a charm and I am really happy with the end result!

Planned Tasks for the Future

Currently I still have a lot of items to place in other areas of the Overworld, such as Greyshade Valley and Talent Town. This is top priority right now, and I may also have to add some new items to ORK based on the list I received. Gonna work on figuring out their effects and finding a proper implementation. A week full of fun stuff ahead, and I cant wait!

Some Bonus Content Appears!

I had a quest this past week to cleanup my laptop’s hard drives, and a major step in this was to setup a Github account for all my personal Unity projects! By doing this, I am able to save space on my drive if I don’t need a project on my drive or it is finished but I might return to it. Instead it is saved with Github, and I can have the free space for other things. 

This video is probably the best video I have seen that explains how to setup Github for Unity projects from scratch. If you have many projects and have yet to back them up, I highly recommend!

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