Signs & Banners + HoF – Darren Kern – Devlog #10


This past week I had the opportunity to work on creating a few simple designs for a sign and banner template. For this task, I had to utilize both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to develop the concept before exporting it into Premiere Pro to then create a short GIF animation.  In addition, I then had to take those designs and create a 3D mesh inside of Blender. Check them out below!


After working on the sign and banners, I went back to continue the block out process of the Hall of Fame environment. The goal is to continue building things out so that it starts to look more like an actual environment rather than a bunch of basic geometric shapes. 


The next steps would be to focus on anything that needs to be adjusted based on some feedback from the staff and to eventually move to the next stage of the process of creating more detail in the meshes, making them a little more dense, and adding elements like textures and lights to the overall scene. 


It’s almost that time again! Loki has always been one of my favorite villain/good guy at times? And with only one more day until it drops I will be tuning into Marvel’s next series coming out! It’ll be interesting to see how this ties back into the the events from Marvel’s Avengers: End Game. 

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