Hall of Fame Lighting & UV’s – Darren Kern – Devlog #11

Hall of fame lighting pass:

Continuing on last week with the Hall of Fame environment, this week I decided to do a lighting pass to get a general idea of how the room will look. A general process when it comes to lighting (at least for my workflow) is to first add in an HDRI which gives the scene some natural light depending on your HDRI. I typically peruse through hdrihaven.com for some free images.  

Then I added in a sun light to change the position and direction in which the sun is giving off light. From there I’ll add in some area lights a little at a time, until I get something that fits the tone of the environment. Check out the images for some before and after shots!

No lighting

With an HDRI

With Sun & Area Lights

More adjustments such as intensity, color, and # of lights will be made, but this at least gives a good idea of how the things currently look. 

UV Unwrapping:

After I established the basic lighting, I started the UV unwrapping phase. It’s not quite finished yet, but I’ve made some good progress so far. The goal is to have as much consistency between the checkers as possible to help match texture resolutions.

What’s next:

Once I finish the UV process I can then begin to work on adding materials and things like edge shades to the geometry. Throughout the week I will be brain storming and trying various different materials until I have something that works well together.

Media of the week:

Just one of those weeks where I didn’t have much time to really see any of the latest trailers or movie news. However I did stumble on this retro mix playlist from the Netflix series Stranger Things. I really loved the theme song and I look forward to the next season! 

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