This Week

This week, I worked on finalizing the Monochrome RPG landing page. I added embeds for the soundtrack as well as descriptors for each section, and gifs to accompany the art sections. I really don’t have much web design experience but I think working on this certainly helped me to get more used to it and to see what works/doesn’t work. 

I also did my daily marketing as usual, but shifting focus to primarily Monochrome RPG. I spent a little extra time engaging and exploring Twitter on the account, and I ended up discovering a lot of new interesting looking games. I think all of this daily marketing is becoming so routine that it will help a lot with my own social media accounts!

Next Week

Next week I imagine I’ll be working more on the SETVR menus, assuming that’s still  a priority. Once I receive feedback I am going to work on finalizing a color scheme and font style. Otherwise, I will be conducting the same daily marketing on Twitter and Reddit for Monochrome, PDB, and SETVR. 

I also plan to do some creature designs for PDB completely on my own, just because I am very intrigued by the game and want to contribute in any way that I can. Whether they’re useful or not won’t matter, I just love designing and creating artwork!

Media of Interest

While marketing, I discovered a beautiful looking game that has yet to release called Sable. It has such a unique art style and I immediately wishlisted the game. Looking forward to playing it once it releases!

Game News

At yesterday’s E3, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 finally got some gameplay footage in the form of this trailer. Looks like I finally have to finish the first game (woops). Regardless, the visuals are stunning and I love Link’s new design!

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