This Week

This week, I put more of a focus on the Monochrome landing page above everything else. I basically had to come up with sections and details to draw attention to the game, while showing off things like the story, art style, etc. in a user-friendly format. My web design skills are very limited so this was quite a learning experience; but I think it will definitely help me in the future to maybe design my own landing page or learn how to market for any particular project. I am using Leadpages for this; the drag and drop mechanics are similar to Elementor, so it just takes a little bit of fiddling but no particularly complicated work (which is good for me because I can’t code). 

I also did my daily marketing as usual; Reddit and Twitter engagement for PDB, Monochrome, and SETVR. 

Next Week

As soon as I’m finished with the leading page, I’ve been tasked with redesigning SETVR’s How To menu. I’ve been told to go for a “grungy brush style with neon colors”, so I’ve been experimenting. Most of next week I assume will be devoted to deciding the art style of this, as well as fonts and colors.

Media of Interest

I’ve been eyeing a game that has yet to release called The Gecko Gods. It is a super cute adventure game (gives me Legend of Zelda vibes with the puzzle mechanics) and I’m really looking forward to its Steam debut!

Outside of Work

I just started watching the Loki series on Disney+ which premiered today; as an avid Loki fan, I’m enjoying it immensely and I’m so excited to see where they take this series and how it ties in to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole! 

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