Vacation – Brandon Pero – Devlog Chapter 10

Easy Street

This past week was fairly slow. Between Memorial Day and some scheduled time off, I only worked two days last week. Furthermore, before I left, we did a large merge in Unity. With all of this, I didn’t work on a whole lot. The bulk of my time was spent on Easy Notes to help make sure the merge went as smoothly as possible. Thankfully, it did, for the most part.


My time off was due to multiple visitors in the city. My girlfriend game into town, and we ended up having a lot of things coming up that we were planning on doing. Coincidentally, my father was also in Philly at that time. With these guests to worry about and multiple schedules to keep track of, I figured it would be helpful and more enjoyable to take the time off and focus on my loved ones.

Next Week

Thankfully, there isn’t much left on my plate at the moment in general. A lot of my tasks are done, and there are a lot of bugs that have been fixed. Next week I need to focus mainly on just a couple more.

There’s a bug where two of the first enemies in the game both play the tutorial for the bouts. This is one I’ll spend plenty of time exploring and fixing up. I’m also going to spend more time focusing in on Love/Hate, factions, affinity, and general relationship mechanics within the game.

Media Rec

While on vacation, I introduced my girlfriend to The Last of Us, and no matter how many times I experience it, it always feels fresh and exciting. As far as post-apocalyptic settings go, it’s fairly average, but in terms of character, narrative, and sound design, the game is practically unmatched by all… well, except for The Last of Us Part II, but that’s a little more controversial than I intend to get in this blog post.

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