Tasks for the week!

For these past few days I have been tasked with continuing to add detail to the virtual classroom scene. I have also been working on UVing all objects in the scene as well as making the first lighting pass.

Classroom progress shots

Here are some different angle shots of the classroom to showcase the layout and details that otherwise wouldn’t particularly be noticeable from just one angle. 

UVing the scene

I didn’t really enjoy the UVing process in Blender. Not only do I dislike the process in general, but because I had to figure out how to do it in Blender, everything felt more tedious an I felt like I took longer than I should have. I was able to get it all done successfully, so I’ll call that a win.

Setting up lighting

Setting up the lighting went smoothly. It was quite similar to lighting in Maya. However, due to not being fully familiar with the lighting process in Blender, It does feel like I have more control over the light properties when using Maya. But it should get easier as I get to know Blender more in the future.

Upcoming tasks

Texturing the scene and baking the textures and lighting to ensure optimization.

New movie!

Anew SONY movie called Wish Dragon recently came out on Netflix. I watched it with a few friends and it’s such a great movie! It’s very fun and lively. Unfortunately the marketing for the movie was insignificant and non-existent compared to the marketing for The Mitchells vs the Machines.

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