Moodboards and Bench Model – Christian Sanchez – Devlog#9

This week's tasks

I have been tasked with creating moodboards for a sauna and a retail/restaurant space. I was in charge of searching for reference images, selecting a color palette and searching through for potential textures.

For these days, I also had to design a bench and model it in Blender. I found this quite enjoyable because I was given a certain level of artistic freedom within the desired style of the bench. 



– Minimalistic Aesthetic 
– Modern w/ Geometric Elements
– Open walking spaces
– Plants and Wooden accents

Retail / Restaurant

– Modern / Industrial Aesthetic
– Natural colors and lighting
– Varied seating types
– Varied altitudes, high ceiling

Bench model

I enjoyed searching for reference of minimalist furniture with simple shapes and images of modern benches to get an idea of what shapes I wanted the structure and base of the bench to be.

Tasks for the coming days

I will focus on UVing and texturing the bench model as well as working on a new moodboard for a virtual classroom environment. 

Principles of structure

One thing I’ve definitely struggled with before while drawing is keeping a consistent shape with proper perspective as soon as it starts straying from the basic geometric shapes. I have been watching some videos on how to get better at doing this and I found this one to be particularly helpful. For that reason, I’d like to share it with all of you!

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