Bench textures and new moodboard – Christian Sanchez – Devlog#10

Tasks of the week!

I have been working on creating a new moodboard. But this time it’s for a virtual classroom environment. I was in charge of searching for reference images, selecting a color palette and searching through for potential textures.

I’m also continued working on the bench model, finishing the UVs and figuring out what textures work best for the model.

I was also tasked with blocking in a virtual classroom environment in Blender.

This entire week consisted of technical difficulties, troubleshooting and Wi-fi complications. But I was able to get my tasks done at the end of the day!

Virtual Classroom Moodboard

– Minimalistic Aesthetic 
– Modern w/ Geometric Elements
– Simple light fixtures/lights behind panels
– Large board / projector / music setup

While working on the mood board I was having some issues with my Internet which made this process take a little longer than I would’ve hoped. 

Bench Texturing

Something about this bench is quite frustrating. I cant seem to make up my mind about what textures best fit it. I haven’t been satisfied with any of the textures I have applied so far.

Blocked-in classroom

Starting things off I just looking to get the general shapes of the tables and the walls,  from there I started detailing the step, determining the location for the door and the whiteboard. A this stage I have a chair, but it’s just placeholder. I’m actually quite fond of the layout, shape and symmetry of the classroom.

Upcoming tasks

Continue detailing the virtual classroom environment, UVing and working on the first lighting pass.

New Google Relighting AI

With the rise of video calls due to the Pandemic, this is a very nice technological advancement. Can’t wait to see how far something like this can go. One thing that comes to mind is that I wonder what other kind of applications this could have or what other types of AI could work along side this to get a different result!

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