Wrapping Things Up, Crossing Things Off

This week I was mostly finishing things up, rounding out some tasks and squashing some major bugs. Here’s a summary of all the fun and exciting things I did:

Hogging the Stage

When first setup by me, Otto’s fans during the boss bout would be up next to Otto on the stage while he battles Gackle. Now that we have more space to work with in this new scene, we decided we can move all of the fans to the bottom portion, off the stage and give them their own space.

Prepare for Perpetual Poking

A bug has been fixed! We had an issue for a while where both Shops and Pickup items would not be interactable after entering a bout and returning. We were quite puzzled as to why, and tried many fixes, but to no avail.

With some forum posts we got some more ideas, but it wasn’t looking good. So how did we fix it? Simply a line of code that makes the interact button active when loading back into the world. Simple fix, but took a while to think of and implement. But we are definitely glad it has worked and now Otto can poke the shopkeepers and items all over the world of Monochrome!

Sprucing Up the Old Combatants

Many of the combatants in the first area, Otto’s House, have been using placeholder, or outdated abilities in battle. This was yet another task I worked on, and am still working on this week. The basic idea is that there is a main document listing all combatants with all abilities, and I must give the abilities assigned to the combatants in the game.

It generally doesn’t take very long to get through a few moves, but it can after setting up the AI and doing playtests and debugging if things don’t work as intended. But this is a much needed step in making the game feel more complete.

The Weeks Ahead

This upcoming week I was able to take some time off for my sister’s graduation and family events, so I will not be as busy as usual. I plan to finish up some abilities and continue to make sure the new boss scene is ready to go for the Alpha build.

Some Cool Stuff I Found

Firstly, I have some data from my entry in the 2021 GMTK Game Jam. Considering I didn’t fully make a game, more like a toy, I did pretty well and I am happy with how the game turned out in the end. I will be polishing it up and pushing out a post-jam build in the coming days.

Secondly, Outer Worlds 2 was just announced recently and I loved the first one despite its short lived story and limited content. I know they can easily improve upon it for this next one and I cant wait to dive into it whenever it comes out. The announcement trailer was a masterpiece and definitely sets the tone of the second game for sure. Its too funny and if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend taking a peek.

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