Rest for the Soul

This week I was able to take off for some well spent quality time with my extended family for my Sister’s graduation. It was a refreshing break and now that Covid Restrictions have been lessened over the past few weeks it was a really chill time to hang out. But because of this I do not have much to share this week in terms of Monochrome development.

Stat Adjusting

One of the things I was tasked with when I cam back was refitting the current combatants with new base stats. This is to keep them all consistently balanced as more and more abilities and combatants are added.

A pretty chill activity to return to, and overall this should help the game feel more consistent with combatant difficulty.

3D Everywhere!

The general bout scene has received it’s 3D upgrade this week!

If you recall what the old one looked like, it should be familiar. It’s pretty much identical, just now the 3D version gives more depth and allows for some dynamic lighting and movement in 3D space. I was able to set this one up fairly quickly, as it was a similar process to the Gackle Boss 3D scene.

Moving Forward

This next week I have to finish up the 3D scene implementation, namely with the Tutorial Scene. And now that both main bout scenes are 3D, I will be changing the animations for when Otto uses an ability. The combatant the ability is from is supposed to fly into frame and perform an animation, but currently the 3D scenes don’t support this yet. Should be a really busy week as we approach a new build soon.

Bonus Level Unlocked!

I recently watched this really insightful TED Talk about procrastination. TLDW: He talks about how the brains of both a procrastinator and non-procrastinator work in scenarios, and how this produces the output we expect from both. He also brings up a really good point towards the end about how procrastination relies on deadlines, and without them it can be very dangerous to procrastinate. If you have the time give it a watch, its very eye-opening.

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