This Week

This week, my focus shifted to primarily Instagram marketing. As someone who uses Instagram the most out of any social media, I found this to be really fun and useful for learning about how to increase my own reach and keep track of business analytics. I am aiming to boost the reach using what I know already about Instagram’s tricky algorithm from my own experiences. I have been scheduling posts relating mostly to character designs and cutscenes, and being sure to share the posts as well as bookmark them on my other accounts. If you have an Instagram, give it a follow @ottojokesrpg !

I have also been tasked with managing the TikTok account, something which I have experience with too. I’m having fun making a bunch of little videos and following trends while adding a Monochrome flare to it! We plan to start posting on Friday, but for now I’ve just been customizing the profile and making some videos using gifs, cutscenes, and character sheets on a browser-based editing software called Animaker. This gives me an excuse to go on TikTok all the time and monitor trends!

Next Week

I presume next week will be mostly continuing the same things I did this past week: continuing to be active with the Instagram page, and creating/posting TikTok content. I’m excited to see how the gaming community on TikTok will react to the videos I make; it will give me an idea of things I need to change! Hope to get some gameplay uploaded there as well.

Media of Interest

I’ve mentioned before that I’m obsessed with Genshin Impact; however, despite not playing much lately I logged on to check out the new character who is inspired by Japan and its culture. I am loving the direction the game is going visually and mechanically, it truly is one of my favorites.

Other Things Worth Noting

With all of this RPG marketing I’ve been doing, I’ve started to really fall in love with some of the characters, namely Gackle. I thought it would be a fun idea to sketch him out in a very… cursed way. Definitely nightmare fuel, but I love him!


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