Continuing progress!

My tasks so far have consisted of fixing the lighting for the virtual classroom environment, as well as texturing all of the objects. 

Here are some images of the virtual classroom environment from different angles. I personally think it’s looking great so far. I may need to do some tweaking to the lighting.

The whole process of building the room has been very enjoyable! Even though I have recently been struggling with some lack of motivation in general. Seeing how the classroom is turning out feels great!

Next on the to-do list

I have to combine objects in the scene together in preparation for the baking process and then bake the textures and lighting onto the meshes.

The tips I was in need of!

For the longest time I’ve been using flat colors to color skin and just blending it with a single color for shadows and another color for highlights. But I’ve definitely been wanting to experiment with more dynamically painted skin so that it looks more interesting once shading is applied. This video has helped me understand the basics of painting skin and I cant wait to apply this newly acquired knowledge.

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