Finishing up the virtual classroom chapter of my tasks

For these few days I have been focusing on finishing the final details for the virtual classroom environment. I modeled a simple pen model that I would lay on the desks along with the books, finished up texturing the speakers and the wall panels on the back of the classroom and made sure all of the node graphs for the textures were finished.

After this, I created a copy of the scene that I would then prepare for the baking process. I made sure to combine objects in the classroom to be left with roughly 15 final meshes that would be re-UVd to then bake the textures and lighting onto them for optimization.

Due to minor time constraints and limitations, after preparing the scene for the baking process, it was handed off to Nick to be baked on his PC because it could do the process faster.

The final touches

Here are some images of the final details that were added to the classroom. I made the word cloud online, that way we don’t have to worry about taking an existing image from Google or figuring out how to credit the source.

Grouping for baking

These are all of the final meshes after combining related objects for optimization and preparation for the baking process. I tried my best to evenly distribute the objects and the space they would occupy within each of the UV sets.

Following days...

I will return to working on Monochrome RPG development. Specifically, I will be continuing to set up a scene in Unity with all of the accessible character animations with the available spritesheets.

Pokemon Unite!

I’m not entirely sure how I particularly feel about this game. It seems quite enjoyable, but I don’t see it being very popular. I would honestly describe it as a game that’s good for players who don’t want to deal with the toxicity of the online community of games like League of Legends and also don’t want to deal with the complication and dedication it takes to properly play League. It looks simple, fun and straightforward. 

A new piece to my collection!

For the first drawing in the gallery, I worked on it during finals week nearly a year ago. We were discussing some Picasso paintings and some masks from the Etoumbi region in the People’s Republic of the Congo that both inspired me to create the first drawing. Considering the modern theme of the first one, I wanted to create two more based loosely on the past (primitive nature) and the future (death… to be fair I drew this one during the pandemic).

During a flight, I sketched up a fourth. No specific theme. However, I recently was inspired to finish it. I still don’t know what exactly it represents. But I’m getting slight upper class theater vibes.

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