So far so good!

So far, the implementation process for the Monochrome RPG character animations has been going quite smoothly. A few minor hick-ups here and there, but nothing I wasn’t able to resolve and nothing that halted implementation. At first I had to refresh my memory on how to properly implement sprite sheets into a Unity game object but I was able to remember. 

I did realize that there were some spritesheets that were missing, so I will be waiting on those to then implement them. Some of the spritesheets don’t seem to be properly laid out, therefore when splitting it into the multiple frames and playing the animation, it looks jittery or off in some other way. 

There are currently 5 characters that have all existing animations implemented. Bruiser, SmokeStack, Hairy Perry, Gazer and Scrawny Scarecrow. The other characters in the hierarchy only have their overworld idle facing down animations.

These are the five more complete characters listed above:

What's next?

I will continue working on Monochrome RPG development setting up the scene in Unity with all of the accessible character animations with the available spritesheets. I will also start working on properly setting up each characters overworld and battle animator controllers to more easily view how different animations transition between each other.

Funky shapes!

I don’t know about you but learning about new mathematical and scientific discoveries and paradoxes is quite entertaining. And, while I don’t see myself really using or applying this knowledge anywhere in my field, it’s still very cool to visualize these things and be baffled, confused or in disbelief for a few minutes.

During my free time!

I have been working on two game projects during my free time. 

A while back I shared some concept art sheets for some food-inspired monsters for a game I’m working on called Dungeon Diner. In the list of sketchfab models below you can find the finalized models after retopologizing. 

Some of the other models on my SketchFab are for another game project I’m working on called Aralez. 

I’ve definitely grown to really enjoy designing creatures and modeling creatures (from my designs or another person’s designs)

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