Nearing the End of the Beginning – Joshua Pelkington | Programming Intern Dev-Log #14

The Meat & Potatoes

This past week has been a great week leading up to a big build in the upcoming week. I was given plenty of objectives and have been able to knock a bunch off the list. Lots of semi-finishing touches on newly implemented systems and a bit of polish on older ones.

It’s Not Whether You Win or Lose, It’s the Effect that is Played

The very cool animators and artists that work on the art for the world of Monochrome have created some cool effects for the game that I will be adding this week for the build. The most notable ones being the effects played for a win or loss in a bout.

These effects will be split and overlaid onto the screen when they need to be played and will add a special touch to the feeling of winning a bout.

Curtain Call

For the longest time, the way anyone loaded into a bout was through a curtain animation with it opening and revealing the bout scene. This is cool, but we wanted it to flow more with the transition of all the scenes, not just loading into the bout.

With this new implementation, the scenes will flow together, without a jarring fade to black and giving the world a more cohesive feel. It was also not too difficult to get setup, as I simply just had to reuse the curtain animation that is in bout, but setting it up to work with the overworld.

The Grind Ahead

Moving forward, I plan to have plenty to work on, and it should be a good time. I will be getting more effects in the game and fleshing out the entirety of the abilities in the game to better match the docs we have about them. This upcoming build is gonna be a good one!

A Cool Little Project

I am making a Rat-based Food Service Game! Yep, that’s right, it has rats in it. It will be for a class initially, and if I can fully flesh out the gameplay loop and polish the systems I will plan for a bigger release on or maybe even Steam in the future. We’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, here is a nice little screenshot of some lovely rats doing rat things.

Substance 3D? Wait… What?

Very recently, the tools you have come to know and love, such as Substance Painter and Substance Designer have gotten an identity change! Not sure how it will affect how a lot of us use the programs. To me it seems like a downgrade, although that remains to be seen I suppose. Check out their video here, and maybe even see the community’s attitude towards the change in the comments.

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