Content Creation – Marlena Dougherty DevLog #14

This Week

This week I continued Instagram marketing as my main focus. I kept posting once a day, trying to figure out what worked best for the algorithm. Things seemed slow at first, but I had a sudden spike in engagement after adding competitor game hashtags such as Cuphead. Seems like that draws a lot of attention to Monochrome. Additionally, I have been working on making TikTok videos by following trends and turning them into Monochrome-themed videos. I’m excited to see where that goes! Instagram may take a bit more work to figure out because of its touchy algorithm, but I can hope to have better luck with TikTok.

Next Week

Next week is looking to be the same focus, Instagram and TikTok. However, I will be looking for ways to improve both accounts and reach on the posts best I can. It’s a very experimental process, but I think with some time and practice, I can create some content worthy of the kind of attention we are looking for.

Media of Interest

While I still haven’t finished the game (oops), the trailer for The Witcher season 2 was released and I’m very excited. The first season was really well-done so I’m hoping the next is going to be just as good!

Outside of Work

Because of the pandemic, there haven’t been conventions for almost 2 years now. Thankfully, with Covid precautions in place, they are returning! I have been hard at work in my free time preparing handmade costumes for an amazing time with friends at a convention called Otakon. I usually celebrate my birthday there. I am excited to socialize, dress up, visit the arcade, and see people I haven’t seen in such a long time!

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