Cool Stuff is Happening – Joshua Pelkington | Programming Dev-Log #15

Crunch Time

This is the last week before the big build, so I have been grinding out all of my tasks. This week was mostly just some minor Curtain Load Transition Fixes, Ability Final Touches, and Status Effect HUD Icons. 

I was in charge of going through the list of Abilities currently in the game and updating them to match the description and stats of a master spreadsheet. Personally I love the idea of having a single place where I can know what exactly an ability should look like to keep everything feeling and looking consistent.

It did take a while for sure, as there are many abilities and they need to be combed through to see if everything is setup correctly in ORK. But knowing that they are all setup correctly now is a big upside.

Before this much needed update, the Status Effects were simply listed as text on the HUD of each combatant, and they clearly blocked the affinity bar most times. Now each base Status Effect has a very distinct Icon that represents it, and it is placed to the side of the HUD for clarity.

It took some time to get this to work properly, and it wasn’t a walk in the park. The ORK UI interface IMO leaves much to be desired, and the way this HUD was setup was not originally made to work with Status Icons being placed on the side.

With some reverse engineering and some luck, I was able to get them displaying how I wanted them, just need to work out some of the kinks (like the fact that the turn count for Sad is 0 rn lol)


Upcoming Workload

Back to the grindstone! Hopefully I can get everything done on time for this build that the team wants, and it will be good to get that out cause there are a lot of well needed fixes and plenty of awesome additions!

A Cool Thing I Saw

So this guy on Youtube hosts these 3D Community Render challenges every few months and while I don’t generally participate, I do enjoy seeing everyone come together to make something for them. He then compiles all of the renders into one long looping video to show and they look fantastic. Feel free to take a look at the most recent challenge or find his older ones and the top 100 videos he makes from them! They are definitely worth a watch.

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