TikTok Time – Marlena Dougherty DevLog #15

This Week

This week, I began spearheading the TikTok marketing strategy! It’s been going well so far and I’m having fun making video content and following trends. It also helps me to see trends and strategies for my own TikTok account that I use as promotion for my artwork. I’ve been creating videos using gameplay, gifs, and character cards to make introduction videos that appeal to the viewer. I think over time this will get harder and I’ll have to come up with a lot more ideas, but once the game gains traction I’m sure it will be worth it!

Next Week

Next week I will continue primarily working on TikTok, but continuing to manage the Instagram page as usual. I will be adding things to a Notion document to keep track of what is working for the TikTok strategy such as trending tags, times to post, etc. Hopefully we can hit 100 followers next week, since we hit 50 this week!


I found a game while browsing TikTok called Viewfinder, which turns pictures into actual 3D environment. It’s super mind-boggling to me, but it seems like it will be really fun if it works properly. I can’t wait for it to release.

Outside of Work: More Genshin Again

Genshin Impact just released their first major region update with a new map based on Japan. It’s absolutely beautiful and I’m so beyond excited to take my time exploring it, since I’ve ran out of things to do otherwise. I spend too much time on this game…

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