Blender & Unity:

As I continue to work on the Grey Shade Valley battle environment, I was also given a crash course in Unity software. The controls in Unity still take some getting use to, but now I have a general idea of how to maneuver around the workspace. The good thing about this is now that I have the project set up, I can make changes on my Grey Shade Valley Blender file and it will automatically update in the Unity project. Having that kind of responsiveness is nice to have when working with multiple software.

Moving on! After some feedback from the staff I needed to make some adjustments to the environment. Primarily with the ground and some of the tree assets that I had originally blocked in. Things I need to keep in mind are the camera view and how I intend to incorporate 2D assets for the scene.

With the Unity project open I can make further adjustments to the scene by adding in the 2D elements. The objective is to mix both 2D & 3D elements in a way that provides a bit of depth to the overall environment. 

materials & texture painting:

I’ve begun to add some materials to the environment but with this particular project I will be using a new method to texture meshes. The texture painting feature inside Blender will allow me to paint the meshes in a way that matches the aesthetic of the other environments of the game. Much more work is to be done here! 

What's next:

Throughout the remainder of the week I look to continue with the texture painting and making any additional adjustments to the layout and placement of the assets in the scene. I will also look to give another lighting pass to the environment for better visualization of how things will look.

Media of the week:

Here’s a brief look into the future of the MCU brought to you by Nerdist. I love these break-down videos as there is always so much hidden in the episodes & movies that go easily unnoticed unless you are a deep canon comic book fan. SPOILERs beware though if you find yourself watching. They do warn you ahead of time before they dive into the contents of the videos. However, watch at your own risk!

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