5 Day Weekend – Joshua Pelkington | Programming Dev-Log #16

Getting Back to Business

This past week all of us working on the Monochrome RPG were given Wed-Fri off of work. This was fantastic, a great chance to kick back, relax and do some fun stuff. Of course this means this log will be a little light but these past few days have been productive in getting back into the swing of things.

General Debugging

One of the constants in my internship is the fact that the game always has bugs. While this may sound monotonous and boring, for me it is an opportunity to dig into the game and figure out how it works and why it isn’t. One example of a bug I worked on recently was that the Win visual effect was not playing upon winning a bout.

This was initially working before break on my end, so I mostly knew what needed to be looked at to find a fix. There were a few needed changes, mostly a sizing issue with the image, and a quick event change to get everything back up and running. Its always nice to figure out why a bug exists, it feels like a job well done.

Help, I Have Fallen and Don't Remember the Button to Get Back Up!

It is always a good idea in a game to have a little menu that reminds the player of the buttons they need to use to play the game. This is something I am currently tasked with, and have started working to implement. Because the ORK Framework handles all of the UI, this is mostly a simple task that involves adding a new menu to the group.

This menu will display the controls for PC and whatever other help or info will need to be displayed to help the player play the game. It is not yet finished but will be soon enough.

What's Next?

I will be getting more and more stuff assigned as the days pass, and hopefully be able to execute effectively and accordingly. For now I know I will be working more in ORK and finishing up this Help & Controls menu.

Wow! Another Game Jam!

Click Me!

The Brackeys Game Jam is happening again! I always enjoy entering these as they give me the chance to flex my creative muscles in a competitive environment. This one is happening in about a month, and I plan on entering should time allow. If you have always wanted to make a game and don’t know where to start, then this might be the event for you. Come make a game! Click the image to go to the page to sign up!

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