Cairn & The New Menu UI

This week there was a big focus on getting some temporary new UI going for the in-game menu. As with everything else in the Monochrome RPG, this screen is alive and moving! The name is Carin and for now will house all of the options, settings, and tools that Otto has to use during his adventures.

Cairn has needed some UI changes to make everything fit accordingly, but nothing ORK cant handle. Most of the menus start on the left side of the book, and move to the right side for sub-menus and options.

Next 2 Weeks

I only have about 2 weeks left working here, so I presume I will continue to finish what I am assigned and start to wrap up as a whole all of the assignments I have started. Gonna finish strong by working on some of the mini-boss fights in Greyshade Valley and setting them up to work correctly.

Cool Stuff Corner

Just saw this today, but apparently they are making Pokemon Oreos and I am all for that. Take a look for yourself, but the video that shows them off is really cool so you have been warned.

Pokemon Oreos!

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