A Shoe Shine

I’m starting to feel like I’m Ol’ Greyshade with how much I’ve gotten the pleasure of adding to the scene. The game as a whole is really coming together, and it feels awesome to be a part of it. This past week, we’ve been adding final polish — or a “shoe shine” — to Greyshade Valley, finalizing certain game objects, quests, dialogue interactions, etc.

The polish also extends to some more basic parts of Monochrome. Namely, I revamped the dialogue so that it’s all in one database and is organized, as opposed to the cluttered mess it once was. We discovered that the dialogue system we have implemented has various ways to organize conversaitons and actors into categories and subcategories. It’s now much easier to navigate and pick out conversations.

Talent Town

I was just recently introduced to Talent Town, the next location of the game after Greyshade Valley. I’ve already begun giving it the same treatment I gave Greyshade, including writing up some of the early dialogue in the dialogue database. With that finished, I’m ready to start putting together the game objects and making the quests.

Talent Town introduces some brand-new characters and personalities that are very exciting to see, especially Smoulder, who is written very uniquely. Getting to knwo these new characters is one of the many pleasures of working on this project. As a writer myself, I have a great time exploring the script and letting it ignite my imagination.

Next Week

There are still some things to clean up in Greyshade Valley, but I’ll be moving on to Talent Town and preparing that for some testing and debugging. As of now, the first questline of Talent Town is finalized and needs to be added to the project, so that will be my job in the coming days. Hopefully, more Talent Town quests will be ready to implement by the time I’m finished with the first one.

Media Rec

I’ve been waiting for Twelve Minutes to release for some time, and it finally came out last week. I haven’t completed all of the endings, and I don’t intend to, but I’ve finished the main storyline and gotten what the game has to offer for the most part. It’s a pretty interesting mystery. Many people are fed up with the time loop cliché, but I think Twelve Minutes handles it quite well and features an impressive cast. I’m very excited for what the developer has in store next.

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