One Last Task

This is my final couple days working at DVNC as a Programming Intern and my goal is to finish up my remaining tasks to get ready for the new round to hop in and take my place. It has been a good time working here and I hope to see the Monochrome RPG in its full glory when it releases.

Summary of My Progress Here

Worked on many aspects of the Monochrome RPG in some of the behind the scenes aspects. Fixed a lot of bugs, worked a lot in the ORK Framework to get the RPG mechanics working as intended. Finished a couple Bout related tasks like making the Gackle Boss Bout work mostly as intended. Spent longer on UI than I probably should have but that was a pretty fun time as well. Many great experiences here and I am happy with the work I have put into this game.

Gazer's Bout

My final task will be to start the implementation of Gazer’s Bout. Gazer will be met in Greyshade Valley and can help Otto in the future, but first you must be entertaining in Gazer’s bout! This is currently in progress so I don’t have much to show, but the idea is that you cannot damage Gazer, and Gazer doesn’t attack Otto either. Your goal will be to entertain Gazer using your Jokes.

An Epic Discovery

So Gearbox decided to make an entire Borderlands game out of one of the best DLCs from Borderlands 2 and it is quite possibly the coolest game to ever exist. Typical Guns and Looting Shooting as normal, but adding MAGIC! And all in a stylized RPG environment like the DLC it comes from Assault on Dragon Keep. This trailer is super hype and I am excited for this release!

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