Talent Town Continued:

Following on from last week, I’ve continued to build out the Talent Town environment. With only two weeks of my internship left I’m trying to get as much done with the scene as possible. Some of the changes this week included adding some chimney pipes, flower boxes, more windows, cables, and additional piping on the buildings. I’ve also shaped the buildings a little more to match the stylized version of the game. 

What's next:

My goal is to get the environment to a state that can be handed off to the next designer and may continue to add on to what has already be completed. In addition, I will be once more going over my portfolio and resume with some new details to add. The last six months have certainly flew by.

Media of the Week:

Usually, I don’t have very high hopes for sequel movies that release more than fifteen years after their previous installment. HOWEVER, this is an exception. For starters, I loved the series, and played the video games. Also, Keanu Reeves is awesome. 

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