Talent Town Textures:

As I’m going through and making changes to the environment I started to add a bit more dimension to the geometry so that it doesn’t look so geometric. In addition, I’ve started to add some materials to the geometry to get a basic idea of how this scene will look. The goal is to mirror similar textures that are being utilized in the the Monochrome game, much like I did previously with the Grey Shade Valley environment. 

What's next:

Well this is my final week of Co-Op! What a journey it has been. To finish out the week I look to finish as much of the Talent Town environment as possible, and to have a rough first pass on the textures. Starting next week it’s back to school for one final year at Drexel!

Media of the Week:

Last week of Co-op, another released Marvel trailer! The trailer for the new Hawkeye series on Disney+ just dropped, and I can’t wait! Hawkeyes character in the Marvel Universe has always been interesting to me, considering he doesn’t actually have any super powers like the rest of the Avengers crew. Alas, he still manages to be an integral part of the team no matter the situation. Check out the trailer below!

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