Dev-Log #1-Carolina Escobar- Getting Started

Getting Started with the Art Test

I’m so excited to have started as an art/design co-op for this academic term. On-boarding was mostly just an introduction to the different design principles I was to follow in order to truly master and experience the vision of the game. In order to get comfortable with the style of the game and flow of the character design, I was assigned tasks pertaining to both characters and midground assets, as well as redrawing a frame of the central character for monochrome RPG. The redraw is the picture shown above. 

Midground Assets

My first assignment with actually making in-game style assets was to create a stack of crates and a lamppost. The above picture is the final versions of both assets but it took me a few tries and rounds of revisions in order to achieve the final look. 

For my first attempt at the crates, I had an issue where the perspective of the crates didn’t match the 3/4 top down perspective of the rest of the world. In addition, the details on the crates were too fine and hard to see, making them standout as not belonging in the rest of the environment. To remedy this issue, I completely scrapped the first attempt and brought myself into Maya. I blocked out the way I wanted the boxes to be stacked and then changed the angle to the appropriate one used in the game. Overall, the helpful feedback and usage of blocks gave me a look I was very happy with, and I was able to refine the first attempt into something accurate and usable. 

Blocked out model in Maya

The lamppost also took me a few tries. Originally, I had colored two versions of the model as I was still learning how to best use the monochrome color palette of the game. However, the colors were inconsistent and I had to scale back on detail in order to round out and complete the asset. Consistency is key in this artstyle, and I had to learn that through multiple attempts. I’m very happy with the end result. 

Character Test: The Turnaround

The last art-related task I completed for the week was a turnaround for a character of my own design, chosen from a selection of body-types and gender identities. I decided to stick with the insect theme as I had really resonated with those designs in the game and felt like a moth would be a nice, bombastic character I could design. Overall, I like the outcome of combining the stocky-build with a female identity and really like the personality she gives off. There were a few adjustments I had to make, such as smoothing out the contours of her winds and coat but overall I had a lot of fun completing this task.

The other part of the character test is the motion exploration, which I will be doing next week. 

Future Assignments

In terms of future steps, I will be completing the character test entirely next week using the motion exploration template. For this task, I will be using a new design constructed out of a different body type and gender identity from the first character design test, and can’t wait to start testing out more of my ideas. In addition, I will begin exploring background assets in Monochrome RPG and will be making my own, modelled after a pre-existing sketch for a museum. Backgrounds are a bit trickier for me, and the sizes can get quite large, but I’m up for the challenge and can’t wait to attempt this feat. 

Random Stuff Not about the Art Test

Bayonetta 3 and a new, 3D Kirby game! This direct was great and I cannot wait for the next DLC Smash fighter reveal. There were actually two Nintendo-oriented Directs I was looking forward to, this one taking place 5 hours before the other, so in terms of video game announcements, I was pumped. Bayonetta is a series I only got into recently, and I’m looking forward to finishing the first two games before properly enjoying the third. As for kirby, it holds a special place in my heart and I always buy the newest games, so of course I’m pumped.

While not a direct, the Dragalia Lost Digest covered the plans for the anniversary special of one of my favorite mobile games! There was a lot of cool art and amazing music leaked  as sneak-peaks into future events and I am hyped! While this game isn’t as popular as other Nintendo mobile titles, it’s an amazing game that deserves a lot more recognition. If you ever have spare time, i really suggest checking this game out, whether casually or more hardcore. 

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