Heading into the First Week

     It finally started – the first week of my first Co-Op. I am incredibly excited and am looking forward to the rest of my time here at DVNC. Still getting situated and getting comfortable with my schedules but I’ll get there. Overall thoughts – excited and looking forward to working here.

What's been going on

     So far, the first week has just been onboarding, introductions, and getting comfortable with the work. We got situated with all the company tools that we were going to be using and got to know more about DVNC and Monochrome RPG.

     I went and played the demo of Monochrome RPG and read the script to get to know what I’m going to be working with. The game and reading the script took me about an hour or two to complete as I ran into a couple bugs here and there. I beat the game, I think, when I went to explore outside the map in Talent Town and got sent to the main menu. So then I speedran the demo any% and got a pretty decent time on it – roughly 10 minutes.

     Anyways, I played the game and took what I knew and created a Publisher Pitch Deck. I’ve never made one before and I think I did pretty well on it given my experience. Last thing I did this week was thinking about and mapping out my 5-year plan, which involved career, life, and hobby goals. 

What's next

     Up next is creating an updated mockup of the monochrome website. I’m looking forward to see what I can do with this task. I’ll also be working on a document explaining DVNC’s Product and Services. Excited to tackle these.

This week's piece of media

     Oh boy am I excited for this one. Two years ago in October, League of Legends hit there 10-year anniversary and they gave us a bunch of really exciting news for the future of the company. One of the things was – finally.. – an animated series for LoL, Arcane. And if you aren’t too into LoLs scene, an animated show has been long awaited from a strong community backing of their short animated cinematics. As someone who has been following this game for about 7ish years, this is extremely exciting!

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