First Week

This week was my first as a marketing intern/co-op at DVNC. It’s super exciting being given the chance to step outside my comfort zone and get real world experience in my field of study. For the first two days, it was mostly onboarding. On the first day I got to meet Nick who explained all the general knowledge I would be needing for my time here. On the second day I met with my manger Vince, who’s been guiding me through all my specific duties. He had me do some more general tasks such as a 5 year plan, reading the script of Monochrome, and playing through the demo. He also gave me the job of replying to 100 Twitter posts a day, starting last Wednesday, which has been my main task throughout this first week. The first few days were a little tough because I didn’t understand how to be fully efficient at making replies yet. I got done all 100 on the first two days but only got to about 60 on Friday. Monday and Tuesday have gone a lot better so far and I’ve been having enough time to make up for the missed replies on Friday. I’ve been logging everything on Airtable and a free lance marketer named Amber has been helping me get into the swing of things. Overall, it was a pretty good first week. Not really sure what to put a picture of here so it’s just a screenshot of my Twitter logs.

Twitter Logs

Next Week

For this upcoming week, I’ll be continuing my Twitter replies. However, Vince is also going to have me start work on the Monochrome RPG book, which I’m super excited about because I love doing layout design.

Weekly Media

My media items for this week are the latest updates on Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. Despite the fact that I haven’t played a ton of Pokemon games, I’m still a huge fan. What excites me most about Legends is it’s exactly where I wanted to see Pokemon head toward. It seems to focus much more on the relationship of Pokemon and Trainer as compared to previous games. I’m excited about the Sinnoh Region remakes because Pokemon Pearl was my first ever Pokemon game. Seeing it get remade is awesome because it brings to life all the memories and dreams I had as a kid.

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