Dev-Log #01 – Ethan Whiting – First Week at DVNC

Hitting the Ground Running

Going into my Game Project Management Internship with DVNC, I was unsure what to expect. I went through some standard on-boarding to get the feel of how DVNC operated as well as experience Monochrome for myself. I played through the demo, read the script, and was excited to be a part of such a passionate team of developers. The next day I was introduced to the CEO, Vincent Quarles and learned that I was going to be working under him for my co-op. Here is where this internship really exceeded my expectations. The past week I have learned about Startups using a Tech Startup Canvas, a variant of the popular Lean Canvas that businesses use to solidify their business model. I have been working on one for DVNC with the support and advice from Vince.

Using this template I have been able to identify areas where DVNC excels and where the company is still growing. Just in the first week, it is clear to see the niche in the market that DVNC fills with a pure wholesome game like Monochrome paired with a passionate community based workforce. The Monochrome Workshop allows opportunities for many young artists and game designers to build their skills and provide real input to the game.

What’s Next?

It has been really interesting to experience how DVNC operates under the hood. From budgeting projects to using online resources to manage teams, I see this as a perfect opportunity to learn how to build successful businesses in relationship to game development. I am super excited for the opportunities this co-op provides. This is just the beginning! This week I will be aiding in the quest to find investors to help Monochrome come out swinging and will be drafting up a proposal for DVNC’s SETVR project.

The Insanity that is The Super Mario Movie

I have heard bold takes coming from all sides after the news of a new Super Mario movie graced us during Nintendo Direct. My stance? This is going to be an absolute blast. I am counting down the minutes until I am blessed with Seth Rogan as DK and Keegan-Michael Key as Toad. And come on! Jack Black as Bowser is a total win, even if it feels like something straight out of a fever dream. Whether this movie ends up being a masterpiece or a total flop, I will be happy that I live in a universe where the Super Mario movie exists. As much as I love the original, a new one was needed…

An actual frame from 1993 Super Mario Bros: The Movie

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