Dev-Log #01 – Riley Chiang – Week 1

First Week

This was my first week working with DVNC on Monochrome RPG! My work is primarily focused on programming and assisting in the Unity editor. This first week was mostly introductory topics; getting to know my fellow coworkers, watching tutorials on how to utilize the project tools, etcetera. After familiarizing myself with the project a bit and doing a few playtests to find bugs, I was given my first task: splitting up a cutscene dialogue into two parts. It wasn’t too difficult, although the sheer size of the project proved difficult to navigate at first.

Aside from my programming duties, I’ve also decided to try my hand at a little character design! Art is a huge passion of mine, so why not? After getting down the general art style and acquiring the character design sheet template, I began work on my first official character (seen below).

Turnaround for my first character!

Next Week

The next goals I currently have lined up are mostly a continuation of my duties last week. Focus on cleaning up and finding any bugs in the early parts of the game, fine-tuning the flow and progression of dialogue/cutscenes, and if I have enough time, maybe even finishing up my character.


Ah, Nintendo Directs! Ever since I found out they existed, I haven’t missed a single one. Sometimes they’re a little hit or miss, but when they hit, the hype is real. This particular one didn’t have too many crazy things for me, but I still enjoyed getting caught up on Nintendo news!

Also, Chris Pratt Mario.

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