Week 2 Beginning: Finishing the Art Test

Even though week 2 started, I still have projects and assignments that I needed to wrap up from the week before. The final portion of the art test was to create a character motion exploration with a new base design. The new design, as per the instructions on the original document, must have a new body type and gender identity in accordance to the chart provided. I included it below for some context:

Monochrome Workshop Body Types

Last week, for my moth character, I used the second iteration of the stocky body type along with a female identity. I really liked the underused combination in this particular artsyle, so I decided once again to try my hand at something more unique. The motion exploration uses body type #3, the child, and has a nonbinary identity. 

Final Motion Exploration

This character was really fun to draw for me, especially since I was able to explore so many fun expressions and use cartoony body language. Most of the design decisions when it comes to species was just that I really like goats and I have a lot of designs based on them. As for clothing, I decided to use a 1920’s-style paperboy aesthetic to stick to the theme of the game. Overall, I’m very happy with the design, and excited to have completed the character design test. 

Starting Background Work

I was assigned to start working on a building the week before, but again, ran into time issues because of the character design test and doing revisions, but that just means I can try my hand at a background with a fresh mind. For this assignment, I was given some old concept sketches for a museum and was told to design a to-scale building for the overworld. So cool! 

Museum Concept Art

Admittedly, getting this right took a few tries for me. I don’t have much experience working with canvases so large (9000x 7000), meaning that all the lines would have to be perfect or EVERY flaw would be visible. Also when working large, I had to consider the amount of detail I included wasn’t too sparse or too much, as in either direction, the style of the game would be lost.

The first finished version had way to many details and some issues with perspective. All the red markings are areas with too much shaded detail, that I added initially to make the building feel less flat and more aged. However, it just added clutter and was a bit redundant when taking into account the other shading, hence they are circled in red. The columns were also too long, and their bases extended too far down and got in the way of other details on the map. the column’s revisions are marked with yellow. The green are detailing that is good and should stay. 

Final Museum Design

I’m very proud of the finished product. It was a good way getting more comfortable with the game’s perspective and working really big. 

Introduction to Unity and Miscellaneous Work

While I haven’t been assigned any specific projects in Unity, I did get a good introduction to the game and the workflow. I was shown the various organization’s of files and how to import and crop sprites in order to create their animations. Next week, I will be assigned some animation work, which is super exciting. As of now, I’ve only made my own work file in Unity and that’s really it, but there’s a lot more to come!

In addition, I was also told to create a zip-file with all of the completed cutscene-stills. This was not major creative work, but it did introduce me to Basecamp’s features and allowed for me to see all the hard work the team has been working on. 

Using Canva- Creating Toon-tober Graphics

This week, I actually got to dip my toes into some design work by creating some promotional graphics for Toon-tober! While I didn’t have to create any unique assets or materials for this assignment, I did have to produce 3 graphics listing the different prompts for the 3 categories: art, writing, and music, in an engaging, attractive way. 

Example Graphic. One of Three

Overall, a fun way of learning Canva and how to create effective, visually appealing graphics for promotional purposes. I did have a funny little hiccup when creating these, but luckily my team was able to quickly correct my mistakes. It’s so great to be working on such a tight-knit, supportive team. 

What's Next?

Next week, I’ll most likely begin my journey into animation and become more familiar with Unity. While it’s still a bit vague, I know that it will be the most challenging and intuitive work yet. I’m totally up for it, and can’t wait to see what I’ll produce for the team next. 

Random Stuff

So I love Dark Souls, but I especially love the amazingly creative, and dedicated mod scene behind the game. This is a massive overhaul of Dark Souls 3, complete with completely new bosses, items, weapons, and battle mechanics! Even the music and animations are unique, and it is genuinely a labor of love and a display of passion. The 2.0 patch was released recently, and it’s amazing. I’ll include a video of someone playing through the game, as there is no real trailer or better way to show off the new additions. Obviously, don’t watch the entire 13 hour video, but I would recommend scrolling through to see the new bosses. Keep in mind, everything from the armor, animations, and music is completely unique. 

It’s a dedicated team of designers, artists, programmers, and composers behind this project and if it interested, I highly recommend checking it out!

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