Heading into Week 2

It’s week two and things are going really well. Nothing too special occurred but here’s the rundown.

What's been going on

     This pass week, I’ve just been focusing on creating a mockup of the Monochrome RPG website in Canva. I don’t think I’ve ever went and created a website page before but I have created some magazines and such in the past using Canva, so this wasn’t too bad.

     My approach to this was to create a fun and clean design all throughout that best matched with the theme of Monochrome RPG. I played around with it for a good bit until I settled on a nice, easy-to-read look. I made the website fully monochrome (of course) and tried to find a good balance between enough black and white in most areas. Switching between black and white between sections helped to make the website more balanced.

     I wanted each section to have a unique design to it while keeping with the overall theme. So I played with a variety of layouts trying not to overcomplicate any of the areas, and I think I found a good balance for it. All the sections are different and are fairly easy to read and make your way through. Here’s a snippet further down the page.

     During and after doing this mockup, I realized how much I enjoyed designing stuff in this nature. It’s really fun to just move things around to make it look good but also keeping in mind how the audience is going to interact with this. This was quite refreshing.

     Currently working on the Products and Services document for DVNC and doing tweaks on it later in the week.

What's next

     Not much for me at the moment. Still working a bit around the Monochrome RPG website mockup, fixing things up here and there. Then up to tweaking and updating the Products and Services for DVNC. 

This week's piece of media:

Burn It All Down (ft. PVRIS) | Worlds 2021 - League of Legends

LoL Esports

     It’s October, which means its that time of the year for Worlds for LoL – basically the annual world championship for LoL. I’m really excited to see the top teams from each region play against each other, that’s cool. But I’m much much more excited for the song that they release every year for Worlds to promote it, and boy this years video was top notch. I can’t get enough of this year’s animation. It’s truly a 100/10 and the song is rather great, unlike the popular opinion unfortunately. Let’s also hope our NA teams can make it farther than previous years.

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