Twitter Replies, Toontober and the Company Twitter

I started this week continuing on my routine of 100 Twitter replies a day. However, starting on Thursday, September 30th, Nick onboarded me to the Toontober competition. He had me make my first few Twitter posts that Friday, announcing the prompts for the competition. I did, however, miss a meeting and my first scheduled post because I overslept on Friday. Luckily Nick was very understanding. Nick also has me managing the Airtable for the Toontober posts, just to make sure everything is going out on time. On Monday the 4th, Vince actually took me off doing Twitter replies and instead moved me to managing the company account. I’ll be working on reducing the number of accounts we follow, increasing the number that follow us, and just updating the account in general. 

Next Week

Next week I’ll be continuing my work managing the DVNC Twitter account. I’ll also probably continue to be helping out with Toontober posts and management as we move further into the month of October. I was also able to get in touch with Vaughn recently so my work on the RPG Monochrome book will begin shortly, if not today.

Weekly Media

I think this was one of the first animes I watched during quarantine so it’s super exciting finally seeing a trailer for season 2.

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