This Week

Throughout this week, I mostly focused on bug testing the build of the game that appeared on Steam’s NextFest. One of the most jarring bugs I encountered was that this screen appeared when I tried to select a “New Game” in the build. After some quick troubleshooting, I downloaded the version of Monochrome from Steam to see if the bug occurred there. Thankfully, the Steam version didn’t have this issue, and I was able to move forward with my testing.

I encountered very minor bugs for the most part, with layering issues on background objects being the most notable. I have tried to see what I could do in order to “break” the game or put myself into a soft-lock, but thankfully I hadn’t encountered many bugs in my testing so far.

In addition, I was able to fix the transition between the cutscene and dialogue between Otto and the Icebox on the first floor of their house. Before, the dialogue Otto had with the Television would play too early, but now it is delayed until the end of the cutscene. This makes it so that Otto doesn’t trigger the movement towards the Television before the cutscene ends.

Plans for Next Week

For the upcoming week, I plan to look into working on controller support for Monochrome RPG. With my trusty Xbox One controller that I’ve had since 2015, I’m going to see if I can start to make the game feel as smooth on controller as it does on a keyboard. In addition, I plan to continue bug testing the NextFest release of Monochrome.

This Week's Media

Sora joins the battle! The media that I’m sharing for this week is Sora’s reveal trailer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I have to say, I thought that the final fighter would have been Crash Bandicoot or Waluigi, but I’m pleasantly surprised that it’s Sora. This is a huge crossover, especially considering how protective Disney is of their intellectual property. I’m looking forward to trying him out when the DLC releases on 10/18!

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