Dev-Log #02 – Ethan Whiting – How DVNC Operates

Understanding the Business

This week I have been working more with SETVR than Monochrome. I don’t mind this change in pace, SETVR and Monochrome are two very different games with different business structures. However I was able to complete some business oriented documentation for both titles. I have been continually tweaking the canvas for DVNC while creating a new canvas specifically for SETVR. These canvases are important for understanding how these entities function. For DVNC’s canvas I am focusing more on overall company values and advantages that contribute to market success. In contrast, a canvas for a game like SETVR focuses much more on fulfilling a specific itch in the market.

But what is SETVR?

SETVR is a virtual martial arts and meditation experience on Steam. Users work on techniques and exercises to better their skills and mental health. DVNC is the developer of SETVR! DVNC works to market, enhance, and test the game’s success for a fee. By analyzing SETVR, DVNC can efficiently enhance user experience.

In addition to these canvases I have worked on an executive summary for DVNC. Executive summaries serve to teach the reader in a quick and concise way about what the company does. In DVNC’s case, there is a large emphasis on the core values and why that is so important to our target audience. DVNC is all about community and empathy!

I can’t share too much! I must maintain some company secrets.

What’s Next

Over the week I am going to work on fine tuning the documents I already have made. Since I have only been with DVNC for 2 weeks now, there is plenty of things I may have missed or gotten wrong on these documents. This is all part of the learning process!

Last week all the interns, including myself, were introduced to Toggl. Toggl is a great time tracking service… when you remember to use it. I will be using this tool much more in the future to document my time spent on a particular task.

Lastly, I have been asked to fill in to interview a playtester for Monochrome next week. I am excited to be dipping my toes into so many different mediums. I am trying to learn as much as I possibly can from my time at DVNC!

Squid Game: a Case in Hallyu

I write these blog posts weekly on Wednesday mornings. I think they are a great way to sum up my work for the week and I work best with a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. Last week on Wednesday, I had no idea what Squid Game was. Now? I can’t go more than a minute on any social media without stumbling across a reference or someone desperately convincing me to watch it. Unfortunately I am too “busy” to watch the show so far, maybe I will catch this week. Either way, it has been interesting watching a week of steady growth to make Squid Game #1 on Netflix. The explosive success that Squid Game has can be bewildering but is similar to K-Pops introduction to America. The term for this phenomenon is Hallyu.

I personally love to see the American public consuming media from outside our own country. Foreign shows and films allow us to break free from the sometimes stale media we produce domestically as well as break down cultural misconceptions. I can’t wait to find some time to watch this show.

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